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The Honda Activa scooter is the forefather of all the upgraded Honda Activa scooters available in the present-day Indian two-wheeler market. With 4 different models in the market, The Honda Activa scooter is the most comfortable in the market. The Honda Activa scooter has extra-long seats compared to any other scooter versions in India. With a 110cc engine, The Honda Activa scooter does not require heavy maintenance. All the variants from the Honda Activa scooter models have a mileage of 50 kmpl and simply LED headlamps, extra footer space, fuel tank capacity and under storage facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average mileage level of Honda Activa is 50kmpl.
Honda Activa is one of the largest selling scooters in India. The scooter is known for its exclusive fuel efficiency system, comfortable big seat, good suspension and extra storage space are some of the highlights of this scooter.
Yes, the Honda Activa scooter is definitely the best example of daily commute scooters with its features like extra mileage, comfortable seat support and extra storage space.
The Honda Activa scooter is available in 5 unique colours.
Yes, you can buy from a wide range of  Honda Activa models online at CredR and can get it delivered at your doorstep.

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