Buy Certified Second hand bikes in Pune and Say Goodbye to Traffic

The two-wheeler market has seen significant growth over the years. Whenever we think of combating traffic or reaching a destination at lightning speed, the two-wheeler is the foremost and best option for all. Second hand bikes in Pune are in high demand.

Pune is a beautiful place, and it's growing day by day. Facing severe traffic congestion is part and parcel of the commoners residing here. Having a two-wheeler will help to make the travel experience more convenient and enjoyable. The wide range of used bikes in Pune offered by the top consumer brand CredR is phenomenal.

If you are new to the city of Pune, need a two-wheeler for daily commuting, or a student who needs a two-wheeler to go to college, Used bikes are the best option. The motorcycles fulfil the need as a mode of transportation, offering convenience and comfortability. The low-cost maintenance mileage bikes in India are assorted in the second hand bike list at the CredR site.

Why choose a Second hand bike in Pune?

Because you get your favourite bike at a low price with the same level of comfortability, reliability, and convenience. It is no wonder that the second hand bikes in Pune are gaining more popularity among the masses. Be it travelling, trekking places, city rides, or daily commuting, the used bikes offer the same commitment, reliability, and mileage as new motorcycles. People are looking to buy quality bikes at an affordable price.

The used bikes are sold with affordable price tags at CredR. The bikes are refurbished to retain the top quality and extend the bike's longevity. Most people tend to choose a second hand bike over the new one to enjoy the bike ride at a pocket-friendly price.

There are around 564 used bikes in Pune that are ready for sale. If you are looking for good-quality budget bikes, then you should check out the assorted collection offered by CredR. There is a good collection of second hand motorcycles at the CredR showroom in Pune. The pre-owned bikes are collected from genuine sellers. These bikes run through 120+ checkpoints by the auto experts before selling to the customer.

Are you confused about which bike to buy within budget? To ease your buying experience, we have the best used bikes in Pune. These bikes can be sorted based on model, variant, and brand. Second hand bikes under 30,000 in Pune are easily accessible online.

List of the Top Range of Used Bikes Price in Pune

There is an assorted collection of used bikes in Pune. CredR offers second hand motorcycles from multiple brands, including Bajaj, Hero, Honda, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Yamaha, TVS, KTM, Harley Davidson, Mahindra, etc.

We have a diverse range of used bikes in Pune from the top brands like; Bajaj Avenger Street 220 (₹60,000), TVS Scooty PepPlus (₹34,546), Hero Duet LX (₹48,910), Piaggio Vespa LX (₹75,797), TVS Wego Std (₹47,000), Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 (₹72,500), Bajaj Avenger Street 150 (₹60,600), Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS- i (₹58,100), Suzuki Access UZ (₹44,600), Bajaj Avenger Cruiser 220 (₹64,600), TVS Apache RTR 200 (₹82,000), Hero Pleasure Std (₹36,500), Bajaj Pulsar 200NS (₹58,600), Hero Maestro Edge (₹47,000), TVS Jupiter Std (₹50,000) and more.

You can choose any of your favourite used bikes to fulfil your transportation requirements. Second hand bike price is based on the bike's make, model, variant, and year. You can get any one of your choices and take a test ride at 399 INR only.

Buy A Second Hand Bike in Pune Within Your Budget

Regarding public transportation, there is no waiting if you buy a motorcycle for commuting. There is no wait, whether it is like waiting to purchase bus tickets or finding an empty seat to travel long distances with your companion two-wheeler. Take your bike and go to your desired place without any hassle. Especially going to the office on time, combating the traffic is possible if you choose a second hand mileage bike in Pune for daily commuting.

Buying certified used bikes in Pune from CredR will get you added benefits. You'll enjoy a hassle-free buying experience exclusively brought to you by us. Purchasing a refurbished used bike will help you to serve the purpose. The used motorcycles are refurbished to retain the top quality.

Making the best out of the old bikes is what we look for! The old motorcycles are collected from genuine sellers and refurbished to maintain quality. You do not have to spend extra money to fix anything for the used bike you'll purchase. The bikes are checked and refurbed for premium quality maintenance. You'll get a refurbished used bike at a budget-friendly price in Pune only at CredR.

Why Choose CredR to Buy Second hand bikes in Pune?

Get top-quality refurbished bikes, doorstep bike service, free evaluation by auto experts, proper documentation, and quick payment by CredR, Your Trusted Two-Wheeler Brand. There is no way you have to get bothered about buying, selling, and servicing your bike with CredR, as we handle it with care. You'll get your favourite brand bike at an affordable price in just a few clicks.

Refurbished bikes: All the used bikes are collected from genuine sellers, checked by 120+ parameters by Auto Experts, and then refurbished to retain the top quality of the used bikes.

Host of benefits: It includes six months of warranty and 7 Day buy protection policy. All these are added benefits that make your purchase satisfactory.

Test ride from the doorstep: You can only book a doorstep test ride at 399 INR. You can take a test ride before purchasing it; this option is open to making your purchase perfect.

Easy Documentation: Once you buy a used bike, you must complete the paperwork quickly. Our executive takes all the initiatives to get it done smoothly for you.

Added benefits: We ensure super easy checkouts, premium customer service, and easy selling, servicing, and buying of used bikes.

In the end, it is all about the choices that we make. You need to own a used bike that gives you a sense of freedom and comfort. Buying a second hand scooty in Pune from CredR at a pocket-friendly price will provide you with the same satisfaction as the new bike. There is no need to depend on the other mode of transportation when you can own your two-wheeler within budget. Check out our second hand bikes collection at CredR.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are willing to invest your money to buy a used motorcycle in Pune then there is no better option other than CredR. We are the leading omnichannel consumer brand engaged in buying and selling two-wheelers. CredR showrooms in Pune are situated at Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Sinhagad Road, and Fursungi.
Buying a used motorcycle in Pune from CredR is easier if you follow the steps;
  • Visit the CredR website
  • Click on the ‘Buy’ option
  • Choose your location and budget
  • Select preferable brands for two-wheelers & choose one
  • Submit your name, mobile number and select the pin code
  • Click on the doorstep trial test or you can go to the nearby CredR Pune showroom
Buying second-hand bikes in Pune is now made easy with CredR. Find the purpose of your buying a second-hand bike. If you are looking for something for a regular commute then visit the CredR website and select the used bike based on your budget. Do check on the EMI plans if you wish to exchange your bike for a new one. Used bikes in Pune are available to the customers in good condition, at an accurate price from various CredR Showrooms across the Pune location.
The starting price of used bikes in Pune is offered Rs. 15,000 only at CredR. You won’t find such a reasonable rate on any other platform with so many added facilities like post-delivery servicing and a premium range of top brand used bikes on exchange bikes.
There are around 300+ pre-owned bikes available in Pune, currently on sale. Visiting the CredR website you’ll come across the range of the second hand bike in Pune starting from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. You can choose any used bike as per your estimated budget.
Investing to buy a 2nd hand bike in Pune from CredR is a good attempt. We ensure the premium quality of bikes and brands we sell to our clients. Before exchanging or buying a two-wheeler from the customer the expert executives run 120 critical scrutinies to confirm the health conditions of the bike. These factors determine the right purchase of the budget bikes. We aim at clients' credibility and quality for a long-term association with CredR.
Yes, exchange used bikes from any CredR showroom in Pune. Visiting the website of CredR and following the steps will make it easy for you.
  • Visit the page ‘Sell Your Bike & Buy a New Bike’.
  • Book your new bike
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Sell your bike
  • Fill in the bike value
  • Book an appointment.
Once you have submitted the details to exchange bikes; the CredR partner will reach out to you to discuss the great offers on the new budget bikes purchase. You can visit the nearby CredR showroom in Pune for a trial run of a used bike at your comfort.
Used bikes in Pune are largely popular among the commoners. The second hand bikes are sold in a price range much lower than they cost you at any other platform. The top brands available at CredR Pune lists Honda, TVS, Suzuki, Bajaj, and Hero. Used bikes in Pune from the CredR showroom are all in good condition, offered at a genuine price with a post servicing benefit.

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