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Premium Quality Used KTM Bikes in India: Best Price & Hassle Free Documentations

Wondering which KTM bike you should plan out to buy? Sit back and relax. Here at CredR, you'll get the genuine list of two-wheeler KTM bikes at an affordable price. We are here to help you purchase the most innovative and loved KTM bikes from the authentic owners at the latest price, updated specifications, high-resolution videos, and even the best price for second-hand KTM bikes online. Of all the top KTM models in India, here we have the collection of used KTM bikes that includes: KTM 200 Duke, KTM 250 Duke, KTM 125 Duke, KTM 390 Duke, KTM RC 390, KTM RC 200 are the leading ones.

In the year 1953, the business,am Ernst Knonreif, became the most sizable shareholder Kraftfahrzeug Trunkenpolz Mattighofen who were renamed and registered as the Kronreif and Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. The bike series of KTM started at R100 in 1954 with just 20 employees; later, it started getting more attraction and was built at three per day.

Shortly after, the company's foremost title was secured with the 1954 Austrian 125 national championship. The brand KTM made its first appearance and a mind-blowing impression in the International Six days trials in 1956, securing a gold medal. These were the events where KTM started getting a lot of attention and became that one brand that has effectively increased over time down 40 and more years with 42 and more diverse models accessible across the globe. KTM also owns Husqvarna, the Vitpilen 401 and Svartpilen models are made in India.

Benefits of Buying Used KTM bikes in India

Here're ample reasons why you should buy a used KTM bike in India. The reasons are listed below;

  • Outstanding design: The design of the KTM bikes are beautiful with their enthralling curves and elements. It attracts prospective buyers. From the fairing to the sharp and sporty rear end, the second hand KTM bike looks impeccable.
  • Platform: Both the KTM bikes 200 and 390 Duke play a significant role in the formation of the machine. The series of Duke bikes are fantastic in tweaking to shape the Rc 200 and Rc 390. The tabular spaced frame of the motorcycle with steel tubes and all the machines are crafted well to perform like a warrior. The used KTM RC series get a much uplifter sportbike like the rear, making it utterly rack track suitable for the riders.
  • Smart Engine: KTM motorcycles are well featured and powered by a mono-cylinder, 4 strokes, water-cooled engine with a displacement of 199.5cc and 373.2cc, respectively. The machines are primarily mighty, falling under the subcategory of the 500cc category. The bike produces a maximum power of 25 bhp with Rc390 dishes out with an astonishing 45 bhp power.
  • Transmission: All the KTM bikes are 6-speed claw shifted transmission that works perfectly with a mechanically operated clutch in the oil bath. The bike's gear ratio is 22:72 and 14:42 for primary and secondary gear, respectively.
  • Wheels and Tyres are robust: Second hand KTM bikes in India are the same as the first ones. KTM has used diverse tyres to run its models like RC 200 and Rc390. However, the size of the tyre is pretty big and has an excellent grip with improved maneuverability.
  • Braking: KTM has offered both machines a disc brake of 300mm with four-pot brake calipers at the front and a 230mm disc brake at the rear. The company has also kept an anti-locking brake system with a standard option only available for the RC390.
  • SuperSport Features: KTM has kept the price of the two machines most affordable, but it has undoubtedly accelerated the worth of the product by bringing the perfect bodywork. The bikes' supersport look with twin headlights has a sharp cowl with a rearview mirror and integrated blinkers. The exciting positioning of the pillion set is well designed for a comfortable ride for both the riders and a great view too.

The collection of the used KTM bikes in CredR is vast and of top quality, and the bikes are refurbished to retain the high-quality outlook and performance. If you have already made up your mind to buy second hand KTM bikes, then you explore the KTM bike list on the CredR website to book your favorite KTM bike, follow the process and get the test ride experience as well without any hassle.

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