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Buy Second Hand Yamaha R15 Bikes from CredR

Incorporated with the advantages of Yamaha's bike racing technology, this model of Yamaha R15 has caught everyone's attention. It is a refined version of all the Yamaha bikes, and this Yamaha R15 has added benefits that give a racing track feel to every ride. While Yamaha never fails at delivering the best experience to its customers, We at CredR provide the best second hand Yamaha R15 bikes at outstanding quality and price.

The Yamaha R15 model, which has been youth's favorite, has added many important features like a liquid-cooled engine, attractive body, and an advanced gear function. We at CredR offer second hand Yamaha R15 bikes at an affordable price. These second hand Yamaha R15 models are now available in our showrooms with new attractive variant options. These second hand bikes are also available in diverse color options for a customer-friendly buy.

All the Yamaha R15 second hand bikes found in our multiple showrooms have gone through rigorous quality checks, enabling the user to make the right choice while choosing their bikes. All the second hand Yamaha bikes available with CredR come with a 6 months warranty period and a 7 days buy protect plan.

Why should you Buy Used Yamaha R15 Sportbike?

There are ample reasons to offer when you choose to buy a used Yamaha bike. A few of the top reasons are listed below;

  • Genuine worth of your money:

The bike Yamaha R15 is priced based on its performance. It is a perfect bike for college-goers; it is priced higher for a 150cc motorcycle, and performance can render that argument moot. When the bike is compared with the other 200cc bikes, the technology update is way too impressive and effective on the road. The features of the R15 are well-equipped with the ABS dual-channel for additional rider safety. It is known for its excellent build quality, and it ensures the material of the bike is of high quality in all possible ways. An additional 2.8HP power is being provided for a significant increase in engine displacement and engine in terms of updated technology. The bike performs well and leaves the riders in awe at a low speed.

  • Powerful engine

The bike's engine wasn't much developed for the last two generations. The story has been drastically changed over the years. The introduction of the Variable valve Actuation will help the engine to breathe better at much higher rpm. It has ensured that the performance is not lost with the higher revs. The inclusion of the VVA system kicks in at a 7400 rpm mark that provides the loss in torque which is not that high. The injection feeds fuel into the pent roof design combustion chamber. The crankcase has been modified to reduce the pumping losses. The slipper clutch ensures the rear wheel hops around when the rider downshifts aggressively.

  • Excellent Handling

The seasoned riders would prefer the V1 over the other generation of Yamaha bikes; this Yamaha R15 offers a special connection with the riders and is almost as if reading the rider's mind. This bike has made it convenient for riders to glide through the traffic with innovative handling features. The wheelbase and size of the tires are increased with the traded lightness of V1 for more power and confidence shown in V2. With the perfect bike experience on these second hand Yamaha bikes, you'll have a different level of confidence on the street. ABS features have come up with these R15 bike updated models.

  • Suitable for commuting inside city and highways

The riders' overall experience on the used Yamaha R15 bike is on the higher side. It can pull from idle crisply without any gambling. The power to deliver the higher revs is smooth and linear as well. It is easy to shift to the 5th gear and go 30 kmph where the bike won't object to it. Lower rpm levels offer higher responsiveness. For the shorter equipment, the engine is smooth at a triple-digit speed. The riding position is very aggressive and sporty. This bike is perfect for riding on road trips.

  • Premium Features & Race Spec Accessories

The used bike, Yamaha R15, is well featured with an aerodynamic LED taillight and headlight. It has a thoughtful design, and it assists the bike with better and overall airflow and efficient lighting. The hazard lamp is now available on the bike. The inclusion of the instrument console on the bike is entirely a digital unit, and it has a gear shift timing light that ensures the rider a reminder to shift the gear for optimal performance. For tracking purposes, the inclusion of official accessories like frame slender, skid plate, Metzeler rear type, and Daytona Muffler is now available for everyday usage. The use of a USB charging dock is included as well.

Buying a used Yamaha R15 will benefit you in many ways, as mentioned above. With CredR, the buying experience of used bikes or second hand Yamaha bikes is diverse. Get the additional benefits of buying used bikes at an affordable price.

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